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First time using VR? Worry not, we’ll have you at the plate taking pitches in just a few steps.

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Step into a completely immersive stadium environment and start testing and training your pitch recognition abilities.

The WIN Membership


WIN Reality offers a wide range of velocity and overall skill level for hitters to prepare against. With stadiums designed for youth players still facing pitchers at 45 feet, a dedicated softball field, as well as a 60 foot 6 inch mound for those in higher levels of competition, WIN Reality is perfect for players just getting started, all the way to MVP winners in the majors.


The WIN dashboard gives you insight into exactly how you're performing in our training programs. Gain a unique understanding into why you're late on pitches up and away, have trouble with off-speed pitches, and any number of other offensive questions that have previously gone unanswered.


Take the guesswork out of deciding what to do and when. After taking WIN Reality's Baseline 2.0 assessment, you'll receive guided training assignments that take you through 12 weeks of practice programs to help you get ready for better competition.

Practice Modes

  • Pitch Recognition

    Train to better identify where your barrel needs to cross the zone to make meaningful contact.

  • Hitting Beta

    Put your vision and plate discipline to the test against our library of VR pitchers in our Hitting Beta.

  • Release Point Training

    Learn to immediately pick up the earliest parts of ball flight.

  • Quick Recognition

    Work on your timing at the plate and improve your ability to make optimal swing decisions.

  • Occlusion

    Challenge yourself to accurately identify pitches without seeing the full flight of the ball.

Training that evolves with you

  • Immediate Feedback

    Never be left wondering where you can improve in the moment. After each pitch, you'll see real-time results, efficiency scores so you know how successful that event was, and gain an understanding for how to improve.

  • Scouting Reports and Trendlines

    Track your progress with WIN Reality's player dashboard and overall WIN Scores. Hitters will be shown scores specific to each of our training modes, as well as an overall ranking so they know exactly how they stack up for their age level, as well as against other WIN users.

  • Level Up

    With a youth stadium and pitchers throwing at slower speeds, all the way to major league caliber pitchers, WIN Reality is perfect for players at every level. And for those just getting started, we’ll begin to challenge you with faster competition as you improve.

    • Plate Discipline

      Hitters who use WIN Reality for 15 minutes a day see significant increases in valuable plate discipline metrics

    • WIN More

      Teams that train with WIN Reality see a steep increase in their winning percentage

    • Accelerated Development

      Players who train with WIN acquire skills seven times faster than those using traditional training methods

      Stream your training

      Cast your training session to any smart device so other can see what’s going on inside WIN Reality!

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      WIN Testimonials

      • “I have yet to encounter a product that even vaguely produces the results the WIN Reality system has delivered. We are seeing immediate results.”

        Tony R.

      • “WIN Reality has given my softball program a huge edge. Everyone is seeing over a hundred pitches per day, it’s been incredible.”

        Josie F.

      • “An unbelievable experience training with WIN Reality using the Oculus system..A must have for anyone serious about playing baseball.”

        Philip S.

      • “WIN VR is the real deal...The VR experience is so life like. Actual pitching data providing life like pitches, speed, break and location.”

        Michael V.

      • “Love this product. I’ve seen over 1,700 pitches in a’s so important to see velocity and pitches.”

        Russel O.

      • “Incredible product, absolutely helps my son both with pitch recognition and strike zone awareness. Highly recommend.”

        Adam B.

      • “My son is using the system and loves it. He is excited about seeing the competition. Definitely worth investing in from my perspective.”

        Pamela J.

      • “This is an awesome application...Not only is it extremely helpful, it is actually fun. It’s basically everything I wanted in a baseball game.”

        Jonathan B.

      • “I am incredibly impressed with your product...Being able to get kids virtual at-bats during the school day has been revolutionary!”

        Robert D.